Our Purpose Statement:

"The Aggie Men's Club at Texas A&M University was created by a group of students with the intent of providing a social atmosphere of Christian fellowship and brotherhood while upholding and perpetuating Aggie traditions. We offer an alternative fraternal organization to students presently enrolled at A&M. We are Aggies first, brought together by our common love for and devotion to our school. We commit ourselves to the full spiritual, emotional, and physical development of each member and shall maintain an environment which is conducive to this individual growth. We encourage an attitude of service through the giving of our time and resources to the benefit of others. In keeping with the traditional Aggie spirit, we accept our responsibility to our fellow students and surrounding community."

Our Values:


As stated in our purpose, AMC is an alternative fraternal organization. It is our primary focus to promote intimate relationships between each of our members, based on mutual respect and personal knowledge of one another. Each fall, our candidates partake in a rigorous interview process in which they spend quality time with every Active member of AMC. Through these experiences, life-long friendships are formed and strengthened.

Christian Fellowship

AMC does its best to provide an atmosphere of Christian fellowship for it's members by providing avenues for individuals to explore and strengthen their personal relationships with the Lord. Through AMC, many members are introduced to other men who share similar spiritual goals, and through these relationships are encouraged and challenged to be Godly men.


AMC was founded by and intended for leaders on the A&M campus. Throughout the years, this group has been represented by several Student Body Presidents, Yell Leaders, Student Athletes, and other influential members of the student body. 


Our goal as a group of men, leaders, and Aggies is to give back to a community that has meant so much to each of us. As a group, we partake in a variety of service opportunities such as helping with Special Olympics, serving on the day of The Big Event, and investing in the kids at Still Creek Boys Ranch, a foster home for abused and abandoned children. In addition to all of this, we host an annual G.L.O.W 5k fun run that aims to fundraise money for a Honduran organizations named Building a Future, a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide education for impoverished children.