Executive Council

Each spring semester AMC nominates and votes on 8 men that will lead our group and steer the organization into new and challenging directions. Below you will find our EC for the 2014-2015 calendar year.  

  Patrick Miller '15  -  President 

Patrick Miller '15 President 

  Brian Lanier '15 -   Public Relations   

Brian Lanier '15 - Public Relations

  Jake Hornberger '16 -   Social Chairman

Jake Hornberger '16 - Social Chairman

  Blake Clifton '16  -  Vice President 

Blake Clifton '16 Vice President 

  Zac Watson '16  -  Treasurer   

Zac Watson '16 - Treasurer

  Reed Loftis '15  -  Selections Chairman

Reed Loftis '15 Selections Chairman

  Tim Dorman '16  -  Secretary 

Tim Dorman '16 - Secretary 

  Landon Sherman '16  - Service Chairman

Landon Sherman '16 - Service Chairman


  Dr. Ben Welch -   Primary Advisor 

Dr. Ben Welch - Primary Advisor 



Blaine Balliett '15 

Major: Agriculture Leadership & Development     
Hometown: Longview,Texas 
Campus Involvement: Fish Camp, Aggieland Lions' Club, ALEC Peer Advisors, ALEC Aggie Reps, GLOW 5K Committee                

Russel Bormann '16 

Head of Ski Trip

Major: Ocean Engineering
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Campus Involvement: Corps of Cadets:
Squadron 17- Public Relation Corporal; Finance Corporal
Head Volunteer Team Leader
The Big Event:
Committee Member: Operation
Staff Member: Operation
Gilbert Leadership Conferences:
12th Man Student Foundation
Kyle Kelly Campaign Team 2014
Sophomore Liaison/Marking 


Brad Brown '16


Major: Industrial Distribution
Hometown: College Station, TX
Campus Involvement: Senate 2014-2015

Aidan Casey '16

Major: Industrial Engineering
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Campus Involvement: Development Executive for Gilbert Leadership Conference, Horizons Consulting Guild, Tell your story host 2014, MSC ALOT 2013, Big Event Staff Assistant 2013

Trevor Berry '16

Major: Finance
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Campus Involvement: Big Event Staff


Scott Bradshaw '16

Major: University Studies
Hometown: Houston, TX
Campus Involvement: 
Fish Aides 2012-2013
SGA Development 2012-2013
Abbott Family Leadership conference : Delegate (spring 2014), Director (spring 2015)


Carter Brown '17

Major: Finance
Hometown: Houston, TX
Campus Involvement: Gilbert Leadership Conference, Kyle Kelly's Campaign Team



Cameron Blizzard '16

Major: Business Honors/Finance
Hometown: Houston, TX
Campus Involvement: Mays Business School Honors Program, Fish Aides, Business Honors Peer Leader, Muster Host, Maroon Coats Vice President

Kevin Brooks '15

Campus Involvement:


Thomas Burrets '15

Songfest Chair

Major: Industrial Distribution 
Hometown: Beaumont, TX
Campus Involvement: SGA, MSC FISH, Aggie Muster Committee